Chapter 10. Becoming a Technodemocratic Candidate
The Four Cornerstones of a Technodemocracy
Defining a Technodemocratic Candidate
Why No Political Party? 
Why No Campaign Donations? 

The End of Political Parties, Campaign Donations, and Corporate Lobbyists
No Legal or Technical Experience Is Required
Requirements Under U.S. Federal Law
Requirements Under U.S. State Laws

The Author’s Experience as a U.S. Senate Candidate in 2016
Item 1: Declaration of Candidacy
Item 2: Filing Fee
Item 3: Voter Signatures
Item 4: The Voter Guide Candidate Statement, Fee, and Photo

Other Requirements

Chapter 11. Proposed eRepresentative Protocols
Judicial Branch
Executive Branch
Legislative Branch
Displacing the Political Party System
The Five Phases of Creating a U.S. Technodemocratic Republic
    Phase 1
    Phase 2
    Phase 3
    Phase 4
    Phase 5
A Full Technodemocracy

Implementing Technodemocracy at the State or Local Level
The Evoting Service Calendar
Forcing an eRepresentative to Resign
User Platform Outages: The Utility of a Republic
Global Technodemocracy

Chapter 12. Other Topics
Objection 1: “I Don’t Want Stupid People Voting” 
Objection 2: “I Don’t Want the Responsibility” 
Objection 3: “I Don’t Trust Computers” 
Rigging and Hacking U.S. Elections
Rigging the Legislative Branch
Rigging the Executive Branch
Rigging the Judicial Branch
“Voter Fraud Prevention” and Other Propaganda
Electronic Voting Machines and “Official” Projections
A Politician Seeking Software that Could “Flip” Votes
Vote Flip: the 2000 U.S. Presidential Election
Whistleblowing in Florida
Whistleblowing in Georgia
Whistleblowing in California
Whistleblowing in Ohio
The Dead Whistleblower
The Ease of Hacking the Centralized U.S. Election Process
Turd Blossom vs. Anonymous
Steal One State, Steal the Whole Election
The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Negative Feedback Loops: CIA-Created Campaign Donations
Russian Hacking

Boaty McBoatface
Dilly Dilly

Different Package, Same 1% System (The Russian 1%)

Different Package, Same 1% System (The Chinese 1%)
Different Package, Same 1% System (The Israeli 1%)
The Bribery Tables: Campaign Donations
Millennials vs. Generation $
Akashic Records: Does the User Platform Already Exist? 
The Age of Accountability
Visualize the World You Want to Live In, then Build It
APPENDIX A: Constitution of the United States of America
APPENDIX B: U.S. Constitutional Inequality Five
APPENDIX C: Special Thanks